Website Development

In-house vs Outsource Web Development

Unless you are an Internet giant, like Google or Facebook, website development price will always be a significant factor in your business decisions. You know an online presence is crucial for your company’s survival, but you believe you can create a simple website without outside help. You can use one of a dozen available CMS or any website for creating sites. You will waste time better spent on furthering your business interests and customer acquisition, but the finished product can do more harm than good for your reputation.

If you need a website beyond a static page with your company’s contact information, professional web development services are the safest choice. You can list all your requirements, features, and design ideas and let a team of experienced designers, software engineers, and quality assurance specialists do the rest.

Boston Unisoft Technologies Specializes in Outsourcing Web Page Development.

With Your Business Needs in Mind, We Can:

Design a beautiful website that will grab your customers’ attention from the first glance and keep them from leaving before making a purchase.

Develop a user-friendly customer area for your registered users or employees with a sophisticated access hierarchy.

Set up secure and intuitive communication channels for your customers in need of urgent support.

Update your existing website, add new features, including an admin dashboard and a mobile-friendly interface.

Scale your solution up and ensure continued high performance once your audience exceeds the load capacity.

Boston Unisoft Technologies Site Development Workflow

The creation of a responsive site starts with a discovery phase. Our analysts will learn everything about your company, industry, competition, and audience to offer the best solution. They will come up with a system requirements specification based on what you want your website to look and provide a budget estimate.

Turnkey website development costs by Boston Unisoft Technologies include a variety of services, including.

Architecture design

Depending on your backend needs, our team can craft a user-friendly customer area or admin dashboard. Based on eight years of experience, our software engineers suggest a flexible structure that ensures high performance under load, seamless operation, and future scalability.

UI/UX Design

Our talented designers rely on user personas and customer flows to create prototypes and let you preview the finished website long before it is ready for launch. Once we take all your visual and usability requirements into account, our team polishes the final look.

Website development

BUT software engineers are well-versed in the latest technologies and choose the best-suited libraries and services to make most of the project’s budget. Closure, Angular, React are just a few of the tools in their backend arsenal. To implement sophisticated features, our developers can come up with custom solutions.

Quality assurance

To ensure the website creation cost is well spent, our business analysts help you devise measurable acceptance criteria for every feature and requirement. Our QA experts conduct manual and automatic tests to check the code for errors every step of the way. The final tests prevent any bugs from getting past the development team.

Release and Launch

Boston Unisoft Technologies take care of the project’s deploy. Migration to your system is included in the website creation price. Careful research, analysis, and planning prevent crashes and conflicts post-launch.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance.

The website development package price can include post-launch system monitoring. Our software engineers continue to observe the project and identify any occurring problems long before they cause significant damage to your business. We prevent errors and glitches from ruining your reputation and losing business.

Get Your Web Development Cost and Timeline Estimate

If you have a set budget and timeframe for website development, call Boston Unisoft Technologies. Our business analysts and project managers will help you translate your requirements into an SRS and set up a call or a meeting with software engineers who could turn it into a beautiful website.

If you are less sure about your needs and have but a vague idea of what your company’s online image can be, leave your information in an order form. Our analysts will research your niche, crunch the numbers, and prepare a preliminary offer. We will get in touch as soon as we come up with several viable options for you.

At Boston Unisoft Technologies, we tailor every solution to the client’s needs. We will assess your existing online presence, website, and requirements to offer the best solution to meet your business needs. Our experience and drive ensure your custom website development solution stays within your budget and timeline.

Landing Page


1 page

Hosting & Support

Promo Site


8 - 16 webpages

Hosting & Support

Corporate Site


25 - 75 webpages

Hosting & Support

E-Comerce Site


100 - 1000 products

Hosting & Support


Flexible Price

50+ pages

Hosting & Support

Individual Site

Flexible Price

∞ pages

Hosting & Support


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a design ready to start the website development?


If you don’t have a design ready, Boston Unisoft designers will help you to embody your ideas into the design concept of your personal website or create a corporate identity for your business. If you do have a design ready, BUT developers will be happy to explore it. If the design is ready, we can proceed to the development process and have an overall faster product delivery time.

What is CMS? Do I need a CMS?


If you want to service and add the content to the website once it is developed, you need to be familiar with website CMS - Content Management System. There are multiple CMS options available on market. Boston Unisoft Engineers will advise you to select the proper CMS that will suite your needs or we can offer a support service and will service and maintain the website for you.

Does the website is equally visible in all browsers?


All websites require optimization for the specific browsers and this procedure is included into the website development package. If you have specific customers using the older software such as IE (Internet Explorer) – you have to inform us about such requirements. Older browsers versions might not be supported by the modern website platforms. BUT team will help you to determine whether additional optimization is required or not.

Can I add a Livechat support option to the website?


Yes you can. You need to provide us information about the amount of chat agents and Boston Unisoft staff will be able to offer you a livechat software. Livechat is additional 3rd party software that is sold as a subscription.

Do I need to protect my website with SSL certificate?


SSL certificate installed on the webserver offers a communication with the server via secure https protocol. If you are planning to accept credit card deposits or integrate payment systems to your website, then SSL certificate is a must. Also it is important to have the certificate installed if your web system works with valuable data such as documents, legal papers. In all other cases, it is not necessary to install the SSL certificate for your website. Boston Unisoft web team will help you to select and install the certificate for your website.