BMFN - the leading investment broker is running an exclusive contract with Boston Unisoft Technologies that includes development and postproduction support of broker’s IT infrastructure.



BMFN corporate website represent the venue for financial investors and traders. The website is divided into sections for Individual and Corporate investors. BMFN website features inbuilt currency price tickers, forex news feeds, economic calendar and 24/6 live chat support.

BMFN website features the following technologies:

  • Apache server – the most popular web server engine
  • PHP language/scripts - the most used server-side scripting language
  • MySQL database - on of the world's most popular and reliable databases
  • Angular framework – the future web platform by Google will ensure the relevance of the website for the upcoming year
  • Material design – Google’s future design concept
  • HTML5 & CSS3 frameworks – modern web tools
  • The website is powered by the sophisticated security technology that protects from potential online attacks and abuses

Mobile applications

BMFN trading application is available for iOS and Android platforms and offers immediate access to the major Forex and CFD markets online. OTP security authentication, encryption, online deposits and various types of trading orders and reports are available.


Corporate identity

Color Scheme

BMFN’s corporate color scheme consists of moderate and soften colors that emphasize the comfort attitude towards the investment opportunities.





Corporate Design

Design concept package by Boston Unisoft includes corporate attributes such as: brochures, envelops, business cards and letterhead.



Boston Unisoft has developed a CRM specifically for the company’s corporate needs. BMFN Private Cabinet offers fully electronic registration and client onboarding process with compliance verification. Major payment systems are available for immediate online deposits. System’s security and reporting align with the GDPR rules and requirements of the financial regulators. Multilayer software infrastructure allows diversified access for individual and corporate customers as well as company employees, internal operations and management. Comprehensive financial reporting is powered by the optimized DB algorithm. There are specific services available such us free website constructor for partner websites, educational materials and financial analytics tools.

Luis Sanchez


I had no desire to hire multiple teams to work on our website, customer area, and mobile app. When Boston Unisoft Technologies offered to complete the whole project from A to Z, I knew this vendor was the right choice for BMFN. The team was very detail-oriented and paid close attention to every requirement on our long list. The finished products exceeded our expectations.

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