Paul Belogour - an entrepreneur in IT and financial software technologies

Paul Belogour, the founder of Boston Unisoft Technologies

Paul Belogour is an established entrepreneur with a strong passion for innovations in IT and financial software technologies. With more than fifteen years of experience in the Banking, Finance, Brokerage and Corporate management, Paul has been actively developing and supporting various software applications as well as consulting financial and other businesses in the IT sphere.

Boston Unisoft Technologies started its existence as an aiding department to support Paul's personal business at that time. Later it was converted into a standalone IT company that now excels offering FinTech solutions to companies worldwide.

“FinTech is one of the fastest-growing hi-tech industries. Covid 19 pandemic made it noticeably clear, we now do online practically everything, from purchases of necessities and food to banking and finance, entertainment and Zoom work environment. We think we have a valuable expertise in most of the spheres related to the modern life online and phone apps that might be helpful to companies and individuals.”

Paul Belogour
Paul Belogour

Paul Belogour and full-cycle software development company

Once seen how technology can help save resources and bring value to businesses, Paul Belogour created a full-cycle software development company that offers web and mobile development, design, and technical support services all as one stop shop solution.

Paul’s passion and dedication allowed him to build the environment based on the same principles Paul uses at his work:

Innovative Ideas

Responsibility for Every Piece of Written Software Code

Hard Work

Paul believes that these principles are a must for strong, trusting, long-term relationships with clients.


“Most of the companies we serve become our partners. We value our reputation and product credibility. We treat our clients’ businesses as if they were our business and their customers were our customers”

Paul Belogour

With a headquarter in the US, the company today has research and development centers in Bulgaria, Ukraine, India, Vietnam and the UAE. Diverse global business positioning and multicultural environment allow the company to deliver the best quality services and results to businesses worldwide.

Paul Belogour and Vermont Innovation Box (VIB)

Another Paul’s passion is the community he supports and contributes to. This passion inspired Paul to create his new project ‒ Vermont Innovation Box. VIB is a multifunctional office building solely devoted to IT incubators in Southern Vermont.

“We invest our own money and help with our IT resources to individuals and startups who bring unique ideas to Vermont Innovations Box.”

Paul Belogour
Paul Belogour

The venue is designed to host IT entrepreneurs where they can get the necessary professional help, raise money and turn their innovative ideas into real products.

Vermont Innovation Box

“Vermont Innovation Box has a belief that every thought starting in a mind of a person can become a physical product and therefore we are here to help converting dreams into innovations.”

Paul Belogour

Paul is convinced that the software development and innovation is the future of the modern world and most of the things around us will be digitalized very soon. And despite the massive success of Paul’s companies, he is not going stopping to keep implementing future technologies in today’s day to day applications.