Lending software development

BUT creates world-class mobile and web solutions for banks, brokers, financial institutions, lending companies, and others. We provide lending software development services to add value to your business and help you meet your customers’ needs.

BUT has knowledge and experience to create lending software products that reduce your company's operational costs, shorten the deals' duration, and add transparency to them.

Boston Unisoft Technologies is an IT industry leader with a particular focus on lending and loan software products. Our team has a list of groundworks to develop products faster and within your budget and let you penetrate the market faster than your competitors.

We create financial and banking software using our smooth workflow and individual approach to make sure you get exactly what you need and when you need it.

Lending software development services

Lending and loans software development services we offer

Loan apps for Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS platforms

Reach more customers and provide them with a smooth user experience across numerous platforms and operating systems anywhere in the world

Feature-rich back office and CRM for operational employees and sales

Equip your workers with powerful operational tools for managing inner processes and better sales. Let your employees focus on what matters to your business

Integration with Electronic Identity services

Forget about time-consuming checks and verifications. BUT integrates Electronic Identity service API in your software product to save your time and money

Integration with KYC and AML verification services

Get seamless integration with KYC and AML verification services to make sure your business is safe and is compatible with the industry standards

Integration with Bank accounts and payment systems

We ensure the seamless, secure connection of your lending or loan management software with numerous bank accounts and payment systems

Ultimate security with data encryption and fail-safe authorization methods

Our team employs data encryption protocols and the latest authorization methods (OTP, biometrics, pin codes, etc.) to guarantee you the security of the highest level

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Ahmed Shibley

    Swiss International, CEO

    When my team researched IT vendors to take over our website development, Boston Unisoft Technologies stood out because of their financial industry experience. It accelerated the preliminary stages of the project and ensured we always stayed on the same page concerning our requirements. The development went without a hitch and was completed in time for the planned launch. When we decided to supplement the web platform with a mobile app, BUT was an obvious choice.

  • Luis Sanchez


    I had no desire to hire multiple teams to work on our website, customer area, and mobile app. When Boston Unisoft Technologies offered to complete the whole project from A to Z, I knew this vendor was the right choice for BMFN. The team was very detail-oriented and paid close attention to every requirement on our long list. The finished products exceeded our expectations.

Why choose us for lending and loan management software development

Extensive knowledge and experience in the domain

We are a well-versed team with more than eight years of experience in the financial and banking spheres. The in-depth knowledge of the nuances allows us to understand your and your end-customers’ needs better and create products that meet them

In-time and on-budget product delivery

Want to reach users faster than your competitors? We can help. Not only our experience lets us deliver your lending software product faster, but also a list of groundworks we can use to streamline the development process reducing its cost and time to market

Constant customer support

BUT is a reliable lending software company that is always there to cover your back. When ordering lending or loan software development services from us, you get constant 24/7 support to help you deal with any difficulty or unexpected issue

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