Swiss Prime

Swiss Financial is a key financial brokerage institution in the GCC region. Kuwait based financial corporation ordered design concept, website, CRM and trading platform development for their new division “Swiss Prime”.



Bright design is always a key factor for our developments. This financial website has a lot to offer – from live currency tickers to private security area for deposits and CRM.

Swiss Prime website features the following technologies:

  • Apache server – the most popular web server engine
  • PHP language/scripts - the most used server-side scripting language
  • MySQL database - on of the world's most popular and reliable databases
  • Angular framework – the future web platform by Google will ensure the relevance of the website for the upcoming year
  • Material design – Google’s future design concept
  • HTML5 & CSS3 frameworks – modern web tools
  • The website is powered by the sophisticated security technology that protects from potential online attacks and abuses

Mobile Applications

Swiss trading software for iOS and Android platforms meets high security standards. These mobile apps offer OTP authentication technology, high-speed client – server architecture, connection to the credit card gateways and reporting.


Corporate identity

Color Scheme

Bright and highly contrasted colors are very popular in the Middle East region.





Ahmed Shibley

Swiss International, CEO

When my team researched IT vendors to take over our website development, Boston Unisoft Technologies stood out because of their financial industry experience. It accelerated the preliminary stages of the project and ensured we always stayed on the same page concerning our requirements. The development went without a hitch and was completed in time for the planned launch. When we decided to supplement the web platform with a mobile app, BUT was an obvious choice.

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