Emirates Wealth

Design concept, website and operational software for the investment company specialized in Mutual Funds operations.



Emirates Wealth required an outstanding, vibrant website that represents the wealthy financial company.

Emirates Wealth website features the following technologies:

  • Apache server – the most popular web server engine
  • PHP language/scripts - the most used server-side scripting language
  • MySQL database - on of the world's most popular and reliable databases
  • Angular framework – the future web platform by Google will ensure the relevance of the website for the upcoming year
  • Material design – Google’s future design concept
  • HTML5 & CSS3 frameworks – modern web tools
  • The website is powered by the sophisticated security technology that protects from potential online attacks and abuses

Website available in a form of application

Emirates Wealth application is written using the PWA (Progressive Web Apps) technology. PWA is one of the hottest trends in the web development industry. It combines the best of the web technologies in a form of the application. Website can be installed on your mobile device as an app and you can run it locally without the internet connection.

PWA based application features:

  • Offline mode
  • Responsive form factor
  • Push notifications
  • Improved SEO ranking
  • Easy installation

Corporate identity

Color Scheme

Contrast color scheme was chosen to sharpen the visual impression. The combination of the bright colors such as white, red and black attracts the attention and symbolize the prominence of the brand.





Corporate Design

Design concept package by Boston Unisoft includes corporate attributes such as: brochures, envelops, business cards and letterhead.



Customer Relation Management platform is the key factor for the financial business to establish a workflow between its customers, products and employees. Emirates Wealth CRM is a software with the multilayer architecture that connects together investors, financial data feeds, investment flow and operational and compliance employees at one place. CRM system’s protection and maintenance is the highest priority that complies with the GDPR requirements and regulation rules effective in the financial industry.

Mark Bringans

Emirates Wealth Australia, CEO

BUT was our first choice, because we wanted a long-term partner to take care of website development, future scaling, maintenance, and any additional features our clients would require. The team performed admirably, keeping the development on schedule, and providing regular reports and demos. From the prototype to the finished website, we haven’t run into any problems or misunderstandings with the outsourcing team. The project has been running smoothly since launch, and I don’t expect any crashes, though I feel confident the BUT engineers would resolve any problems quickly.

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