Android Progressive Web Apps: Advanced Features For Your Business
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Android Progressive Web Apps: Advanced Features For Your Business

Android progressive web apps: advanced features for your business

PWA or progressive web app for Android and iOS is a hybrid of a site and app for mobile devices. This is a technology that adds app functionality to a web site. In the desktop browser, the progressive web app remains a regular site. And when a visitor opens it in a mobile browser, PWA turns into a hybrid.

Let's see how it works. The user visits the internet site and receives an offer to add PWA to the main screen of Android or iOS device. If the user accepts the offer, the site icon instantly appears on the screen of the mobile device.

An important point: PWA technology makes its way to the user's device in two clicks. This happened bypassing the Play Market, as well as contrary to the ban on installing applications from unknown sources.

Android PWA: features and benefits

Android or iOS PWA is a regular site that can be installed on the phone as an app and, as a result, has access to such data about the device as the battery level, position in space, and others. And most importantly - it can work offline.

Using such an app has several advantages over a regular web website:

  • You enable the user to remember your site. Agree, the difference between the bookmark in the browser and the icon of PWA on Android or iOS phone desktop is obvious.
  • The customer can place an order even when offline. And when he is online, this order will be sent to the store. That is, using PWA app for Android or iOS platforms you have the opportunity to get a lead in a situation where you wouldn’t get anything with a regular site.
  • Push notifications. Of course, a person can be reached simply by email, but one more channel of active interaction with users will certainly not be superfluous.
  • And finally, PWA to Android or iOS app is an additional way to get traffic to your site.

If we compare PWA with standard apps, we will see the following drawbacks of the latter that PWA does not have:

  • Standard apps, unlike Android PWA technology apps, are not indexed by search engines.
  • They require more installation steps.
  • They can not be viewed without installation, that is, only by installing the app, you can find out its functionality.
  • Standard apps can be installed only from App Store or Play Market, while the proposal to install a progressive app comes to the user directly when viewing the site. This greatly increases the number of installations of such an app.

Boston Unisoft Technologies – progressive business apps development leader

In order for PWA technology for Android or iOS to perform its functions properly and attract new users to your product, its development should be entrusted to professionals that are taking into account the specifics of your business. Boston Unisoft Technologies is a professional team in USA, which specializes in full cycle software development.

Company benefits:

  • 8 years of successful corporate product development;
  • individual approach to each client;
  • smooth workflow;
  • use of the most advanced technologies in development;

To get PWA Android studio specialist consultation and start a long successful cooperation, you just need to fill out an online form or contact us any other convenient way.

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