PhoneGap apps: features and advantages
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PhoneGap apps: features and advantages

PhoneGap technology was invented in 2009 by the founders of Nitobi startup. The code of this framework is freely available and uses its own convenient environment for mobile app development.

The main goal of this technology is to provide the PhoneGap developer with all means for the full cycle of creating a mobile app. With its help, he can apply modern web technologies, such HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, but at the same time use native code if needed.

In 2011, Adobe acquired Nitobi and received all the rights to the PhoneGap project. Since then, it got a rapid impetus to development and became known as Adobe PhoneGap.

PhoneGap makes it possible to develop mobile apps for all modern platforms:

  • iOS;
  • Android;
  • Windows Phone;
  • BlackBerry;
  • Bada;
  • Symbian;
  • webOS.

What opportunities does PhoneGap provide

PhoneGap provides an API, in other words, an intermediate layer, through which the developer gains access to the hardware and special functions of the platform. Since PhoneGap is a wrapper over the device’s native API, the same code can be used on many mobile platforms at the same time with little or no changes, which makes the PhoneGap app accessible to a wider audience.

The framework provides the opportunity to develop one cross-platform app, and then assemble it for different platforms, without significantly changing its code. This allows reducing PhoneGap app development time significantly.

With further development, if it is necessary to expand the app with new functionality, there is no need to add additional functionality to different projects for each platform. It is enough to do this in one project, and then again assemble it under each platform. Thus, expanding the functionality does not lead to huge estimates of the time for implementing this functionality when using PhoneGap developer app.

The app on PhoneGap is loaded into the browser of all mobile devices. In fact, this is a web app, but with the help of the framework, the native functions of the mobile platform are available to it, thereby expanding its capabilities.

PhoneGap dev presents the ability to use the following built-in functions of a mobile device:

  • contacts,
  • file storage,
  • camera,
  • compass,
  • geolocation,
  • accelerometer,
  • database,
  • events,
  • notifications,
  • media and others.

If the app does not go beyond these points, then the development speed using the PhoneGap framework will be an order of magnitude higher than the development of a native app for each platform.

The big advantage of using PhoneGap is the development of the app interface. PhoneGap mobile app interface is developed using HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, which provide great opportunities for designers to create unique, rich and at the same time functionally loaded interfaces. The second great feature of the framework is the ability to use any existing JavaScript libraries.

Choosing PhoneGap app developer

Choosing PhoneGap app development company is one of the most important steps to promote your product if you decide to use this technology.

Boston Unisoft Technologies is a company that definitely worth your attention. It offers a full-cycle development of PhoneGap apps with experienced professional developers. The company is characterized by 8 years of successful work in the IT market, the use of advanced technologies and an individual approach to each client.

If you are interested in developing one PhoneGap solution for iPhone, Android, and other platforms, leave an online application for consultation and company specialists will tell you more about all the benefits of PhoneGap development.

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