Mutual Funds Trading software

Professional trading software for mutual funds investors. Mutual Funds trader combines experience and technology at one place and opens new investment opportunities for the public.



Design concept, architecture, development and postproduction support of the professional software for Mutual Funds trading.

Technologies used:

  • .Net Core - one of the most used technologies for building robust and high-performance, cross-platform oriented applications by Microsoft.
  • MySQL database - one of the world's most popular and reliable databases.
  • Kotlin/Java - mainstream programming languages for native Android application development. Mutual Funds application combines both languages for maximum results.
  • Android Jetpack - suite of libraries, tools, and guidance that helps developers to code high-quality apps.
  • Native iOS application is written using the combination of Swift/Objective-C languages. Mutual Funds application combines both languages for maximum results.
  • Angular framework – the future web platform by Google ensures the relevance of the project for the upcoming years.
MySQL database
Android Jetpack
Angular framework

The Platform:

Mutual Funds Trading software consists of Trading Server backend, Client trading interfaces, Administrator & Dealer consoles. Online registration offers electronic onboarding process and One Time Password (OTP) verification process to empower the security of the clients’ private data.


Mobile Applications:

The platform is available on Android and iOS platforms and offers thousands of Mutual Funds for investment.



Material design empowers professional approach to investment business.

Color Scheme

Contrast color scheme assures the comfort during the navigation process and ultimate visibility of the investment data.





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